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Are you looking for the best qualified & most experienced
animal behaviorist in Los Angeles?

Meet animal behaviorist Richard Polsky, Ph.D.


Dr. Polsky’s qualifications include:

25 yrs. helping owners solve dog & cat behavioral problems

Academically trained in the science of animal behavior;
3 yrs. post-doctoral at UCLA

Certification through the Animal Behavior Society

Well-published in animal behavior and veterinary journals

22 years teaching the Head Start puppy training classes in West Los Angeles

Lecturer on many occasions to veterinary groups

Working relationship with many veterinarians throughout Los Angeles

Animal Behavior Counseling Services, Inc. is a speciality service which functions to train & counsel owners about dog & cat behavioral problem resolution via behavior therapy & behavioral management techniques. Carefully designed behavioral training programs are developed to highly motivated owners. Each client and the relationship they have with their pet is considered unique. The counseling and training services Dr. Polsky provide are designed to meet the specific issues a client has with their dog or cat, whether it be about aggression, separation anxiety, fear-based misbehaviors or spraying & litter box problems in cats.

Dr. Polsky is an academically trained animal behaviorist with over 25 years of practical experience working with owners and their pets. Hence, owners can be assured of competent assistance, consistent with current treatment approaches in veterinary behavioral medicine. It is important for owners to understand the qualifications of Dr. Polsky and how they contrast with people who use titles or letters after their name suggesting they are properly qualified animal behaviorists. Unlike the titles veterinarian, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, etc., which are state licensed, the title “animal behaviorist” can be used by anyone, regardless of their background.

What an owner can expect …..

Dog & cat behavior therapy consistent with current treatment approaches in veterinary behavioral medicine;

Specialization in dog and & cat aggressive problems, canine separation anxiety, fear based problems in dogs, cat litter box problems;

Cases evaluated individually followed by carefully designed training programs;

Drug therapy recommended when appropriate;

House-calls or office consultations;

Reasonable retainer fee

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Animal Behavior Counseling Services, Inc.
established 1981

Richard Polsky, Ph.D., CAAB
Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist